Towards more evidence-based education

Gather evidence for the effectiveness of educational methods. Introduce new methods only once they have been proven to work.

19 January 2006
In health care, evidence-based medicine is fully accepted. Medicines are only put on the market once their efficacy has been scientifically proven. The education system can learn from this. In education, new methods and approaches are often introduced before they have been shown to be better than the old methods.

Test methods and approaches systematically
This can be prevented by systematically testing that new methods or approaches really do work. ‘New Learning' is an example of an approach that could be subjected to step-by-step testing to prove its effectiveness before it is introduced on a wide scale. The same should be done for other teaching methods and for competency-based learning in professional education.

Bring research knowledge and practical experiences together
Current practice in health care offers an example for the education world to follow, combining research knowledge, clinical knowledge and patient experiences into a single protocol. Even in the final sector, it is valuable to combine research knowledge with the knowledge and experiences of teachers, pupils and students.